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Official representatives

Daša Duhaček
dasa-duhacekPhD in Political Philosophy (Rutgers University, USA). Coordinator of the MA program in Gender Studies and Director of the Center for Gender and Politics, at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. Founder and coordinator of the Belgrade Women’s Studies Center. Director of the Course in Feminist Criticism at Inter-University Center IUC - Dubrovnik. She taught at the Rutgers University, USA, Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary, and others. Research areas: feminist theory, political philosophy. Key publications: "Women’s Time in Former Yugoslavia" (in Gender Politics and Post- Communism, New York, 1993); "Belgrade Women’s Studies Centre" in European Journal of Women’s Studies, SAGE, (London, 1998); The Captives of Evil: The Legacy of Hannah Arendt (co-ed., Belgrade, 2002); "The Making of Political Reponsibility: The Case of Serbia" (in Women and Citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe (Burlington, 2006); The Burden of Our Times (Belgrade, 2010); "Questioning Authority in the Singular" in European Journal of Women’s Studies, SAGE (London, 2011); "Clasic Liberal Feminism" and "Gender and Identity", in Introduction to Gender Theories (Novi Sad, 2011).

Zorica Ivanović
zorica-ivanovicPhD, Social Anthropology and Ethnology  (University of Belgrade). Assistant Professor at the Department  of Anthropology and Ethnology. Faculty of Philosophy,  Belgrade. At present, a member of the Belgrade  Women’s Studies Board. Research areas: anthropology of  kinshišp, body and identity, ethnography of Serbia. Key  publications: Preface: Anthropology of Women and Gender  Relations in New Anthropological Discourse, in: Žarana  Papić and Lydia Sklevicky (eds.), Antropology of Women,  2nd edition (Belgrade, 2003), Antropology of Body (ed., Belgrade,  2010).

Members of the Council

Dr Daša Duhaček

Ana Stolić

Marina Bogdanović

jelena-visnjicJelena Višnjić, MPhil, Gender Studies (University of Belgrade).  Activist in different feminist organizations, such as  Voice of Difference: A Group for Promotion of Women’s Political  Rights and Labris: A Group for Lesbian Human Rights.  Co-founder of the Festival of Feminist Culture and Action  - BeFem. Research interests: gender studies, media studies,  cultural studies, anthropology of popular culture.

Snežana Škundrić

Operational team

mirela-santicMirela Šantić
(office assistant and librarian)

nenad-knezevicNenad Knežević

vajka-andjelkovicVajka Anđelković



jasmina-alibegovicJasmina Alibegović

bojana-bulatovicBojana Bulatović

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