Wednesday, 21 August, 2019.

Belgrade Center for Women's Studies has a library which serves as one of its most important resources for teachers and students; it is also available to a broader public. The library has over 6000 books in 8 languages (primarily in Serbian and English, but also in the languages of the region as well as in French, German, Russian, Spanish and Italian). The library holdings include 200 journals (400 copies) concerning feminism, sociology, philosophy, literature, art, law, politics, medicine, ecology, religion, etc. Books and periodicals are classified according to the UNESCO’s library program CDS/ISIS. The library has been created through donations.

Archive and a documentation center has been established in order to promote research activities within the Center, and to keep a record of local feminist and all other activities relevant to women. This archive and documentation center also keeps records of students’ papers and course readers comprising teaching and reading material for students. We have organized video and audio archives of movies, photographs, video and audio teaching, research, and documentation material.



zaranaIn 2003 Belgrade Center for Women's Studies has received a special donation, the Žarana Papić Bequest. Žarana Papić (1949-2002) was one of the founders of the Belgrade Women’s Studies Center. The Bequest contains about 2000 books as well as valuable documents and research material concerning women’s history and feminist movement in Serbia and Yugoslavia.


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