Emilia Epštajn
In Whose Name We (Cannot) Speak: Of Sojourner Truth and “Experience” as Starting Point for Living and Considering the Political Subject

Maja Milatović
“The Love of Women, Kind as well as Cruel”: Feminist Alliances and Contested Spaces in Audre Lorde's Zami: A New Spelling of My Name

Nađa Bobičić
Modernist Features in Ksenija Atanasijević's Philosophical Fragments and Essays

Nikolina Nedeljkov
Enduring Schooling: Against Noise, and in the Service of the Remix

Marina Simić
Cultural Studies and Anthropology: Clash of the Titans or Narcissism of Small Differences?

Goran Kauzlarić
Neoliberalization of the Absolute Spirit: Spiritual Micro-Resistances as Market Mechanisms of Interpellation

Ljiljana Čičkarić
Do Women Represent Women in Parliament?

Marko Veličković
Concepts of Masculinity and the Politics of Pride in Serbia


Dunja Begović
The Importance of Education in the Humanities: More than the Market Value

Dina Čubrić
Toward a Radical Freedom

Nenad Knežević
A New Reading of the Female Characters of the Ancient Myths

Marina Simić
Will to Order

Instructions for Authors




Marija Todorović
Benevolent Sexism and Gender Equality

Tatjana Đurić Kuzmanović
Feminist Developmental Economics: Myth or Alternative

Tanja Ignjatović
The Problem of Poverty and Social Exclusion of Women Who Have Experienced Violence in Partner Relationship

Nada Polovina
Four Ecosystemic Factors in Reproductive Behavior

Marijana Matović
Gender Dimension of Journalism in Serbia

Zorica Skakun
Women, Peace, Security: Agenda for the 21st Century


Nenad Knežević
Protofeminism in Colonial Mexico: Juana IneÅLs de la Cruz

Adriana Sabo
A Posibility of l’Ecriture Feminine in Music: Examples from Serbia

Zorana Antonijević
Cyberfeminist Strategies: Presence of Feminism on Social Networks in Serbia

Gjorgje Bozhoviq
Modern Study of Language


Radojka Vukčević
Serious Game of Dubravka Đurić: Poetry, Theory, Gender

Mia Kisić
From Scarab to Cor Commerciale: Story of the Heart

Jovana Đurović
From the Beginnings to the Introduction

Nađa Bobičić
A Feminist Reading of Reality

Sanda Stanković
We Are All Mothers

Instructions for Authors 



Studies and Articles

Katarzyna Czerwonogóra
Jewish, Female, Educated and Political: Dr. Rahel Straus on Abortion in the Weimar Republic
Rada Drezgić
Neo-traditionalist Constructions of Nation and Masculinity: the Rule of Patrilineage
Andrew Hodges
Cultures, Traditions and Radical Humanism
Uroš Matić
Egyptology, Gender and Sexuality: Critical Perspective
Maja Solar
Back to Struggle Concepts: Class, Sex, Universality
Nataša Tučev i Milena Kostić
“When We Dead Awaken”:  Inner Split and the Possibility of Healing in the Works of Adrienne Rich
Selma Veseljević Jerković
„You are a Superwoman”: New Femininity in Popular Culture
Jelena Višnjić
„Killing Me Softly”: Print Media Reports on Women, Victims of Violence
Marija Kolin
Some Current Gender Inequalities in Political and Economic Sphere of Decision Making in European Union and Serbia

Book Reviews

Ognjen Kojanić
What Can Economic Studies Learn from Feminism?
Ivana Prentović Krivokapić
Tragic Metamorphosis of a Woman
Petra Bjelica
The Courage of Ksenija Atanasijević’s Open Struggle
Adriana Sabo
Tales of a Subject in Love
Emilia Epštajn
Zagorka Golubović’s Activism and Freedom
Iva Kljakić
A Portrait of a Yugoslav Feminist

In Memoriam

Lepa Mlađenović
Adrienne Rich (1929-2012) – Seven Notes about Adrienne Rich
Adriana Zaharijević
Shulamith Firestone (1945-2012) – „To Be Worshipped Is Not Freedom“

Instructions for Authors 

GENERO 15Studies and Essays

Katerina Kolozova
Examining the Possibility of a Universalist Form of Inclusion beyond European Cultural Hegemonism
Sanja Milutinović Bojanić
Gyneconomies or Reestablished Discourse on “Sexual Difference”
Marko Simendić
Could the Hobbesian Sovereign Be Female?
Ivan Milenković
Cyborg - an Impossible Identification: Donna Haraway with Jacques Ranciere
Nikolina Nedeljkov
Wiered to a Maze: Pixel Saturnalia and Refacement
Biljana Andonovska
My Name is Masochism: Wanda and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch - Name, Woman, Genre
Milan Miljković
“Men with Feminine Traits”: On the Issue of Masculinity at the Beginning of the 20th century in Serbia
Deana Jovanović
Politics of Memory, Feminism, and Solidarity after the Conflict in former Yugoslavia
Marija Grujić
National Community, Gender and Popular Representation: Theoretical Frameworks

Book Reviews


Wendy Brown
Wounded Attachments

genero14 Studies and Essays

Čarna Brković
„What Do Others Think of Me?“: Opposition to Feminism, Menopause and the Public Sphere in Post-Socialist Context
Ivana Bajić Hajduković
The Lost Matriarch: The Consequences of Remittances on Mother-Child Relationships in Urban Serbia
Ana Hofman
We’re Going on the Road, We’re Going and Singing: Peasant Women’s Memories of Socialism in Serbia
Ivana Medić
„Comrades” Ustvolskaia and Gubaidulina: On the Status of Women Composers in the Soviet Union
Ivana Pražić
Theravada Buddhism and Gender in Indonesia: A (De)Colonized Encounter?
Uroš Matić
The Dupljaja Cart and Bodies that Matter
Anđa Srdić Srebro
Alternative Medicine and Alternative Bodies

Book Reviews


Betty Friedan
The Problem that Has No Name

GENERO 13Focus of the Issue: Gender, Identity and Turbo-Folk Culture

Olga Dimitrijević
The Body of a Female Folk Singer: Constructions of National Identities in Serbia after 2000
Jelena Višnjić
“Ideally Bad”: The Politics of Reconstruction of Turbo-Folk Identity in Contemporary Serbia
Iva Nenić
Pink Cyborgs and De/centered Ideological Machines: Makeover of the (Turbo)Folk’s Musical Culture

Studies and Essays

Nataša Teofilović
The Art of Motion in the Space of Void (Technology and Practice of Virtual Characters)
Ana Petrov
Discursive Construction of “Modern Woman”: Analysis of Linguistic Means of Representation of Women in Magazines
Žarka Svirčev
Gynocriticism and Methods of Teaching Literature
Milena Jakovljević
Serbian Literature in the Twentieth Century or the Circulus Vitiosus of Patriarchy
Ivana Simić
Queer and Queer Theory

Book Reviews


Susan Faludi
Blame It on Feminism