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Coordinators:  Katarina Lončarević and Adriana Zaharijević)

  1. The Shortest History of Feminism: Introduction to the Course (Lončarević and Zaharijević)
  2. Women in the Medieval Europe: Feminist Readings of the work of Hildegard of Bingen (Nenad Knežević)
  3. Equality, Virtue and Education: 18th Century (Katarina Lončarević)
  4. Political Rights for Women: the History of British Suffragist Movement (Ivana Pantelić)
  5. First Wave Americans: The Right of a Slave/The Right of a Woman (Adriana Zaharijević)
  6. Struggle for Women’s Rights in Serbia in 19th and 20th Centuries (Ivana Pantelić)
  7. Marxist and Socialist Feminism (Daša Duhaček)
  8. Birth of the Second Wave and the Politics of Identity (Adriana Zaharijević)
  9. Lesbian Feminism: What Does It Mean to Be a Woman? (Lepa Mlađenović)
  10. Afro-American Feminism: Sisterhood Is Powerful? (Katarina Lončarević)
  11. Politics of Difference: Chasing the Impossible? (Jelisaveta Blagojević)
  12. Postcolonial Feminism: Women Beyond the East/West and North/South Divide (Adriana Zaharijević)


(Joint project between the Center of Women's Studies and BeFem: the Feminist Cultural Center)

(Coordinator: Jelena Višnjić – BeFem)

  1. Gender and Media Culture (Jelisaveta Blagojević)
  2. Women As the Other: Representational Practices in Media Discourse in Serbia (Mirjana Mirosavljević and Jelena Višnjić)
  3. Television, Representation, and Gender (Dubravka Đurić)
  4. Media, Gender, and the Modern Political Scene in China (Dušica Ristivojević)
  5. Media Reports on Minority Identities: the Case of Serbia (Dragana Vučković)
  6. Mir, mir, mir, Nobody is Queer! – Representation of Non-Heterosexual Practices in Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav Film (Olga Dimitrijević)
  7. BeFem: the Feminist Festival of Culture and Action – “Think Outside the Cocks” (Feminist Magazines and Journalists) (Hana Grgić (Libela) Svjetlana Knežević (Libela), Gabe Ivanov (Vox Feminae), Vedrana Sunko (Biro radost), Bang, feminist magazine (Sweden)
  8. BeFem: the Feminist Festival of Culture and Action – “Think Outside the Cocks” (Feminist Magazines and Journalists) (Hana Grgić (Libela) Svjetlana Knežević (Libela), Gabe Ivanov (Vox Feminae), Vedrana Sunko (Biro radost), Bang, feminist magazine (Sweden)
  9. Miss representation: Women in Public (Media) Space (Tamara Skrozza)
  10. “Ideally bad”: the Politics of Reconstruction of Turbo-Folk Identity in Contemporary Serbia (Jelena Višnjić)
  11. “If Video Killed the Radio Star, Is Internet then a Serial Killer?”: Feminist Ethnography in the Age of Media Convergence (Ana Jovanović and Sajber Van Der Last (Žene sa Interneta), Dragoslava Barzut)
  12. “Mission Planet Earth”: Work in Focus Groups (Print Media, TV Commercials, Turbo-Folk Music Videos) (Mirjana Mirosavljević and Jelena Višnjić)


Coordinators: Katarina Loncarevic and Adriana Zaharijevic

  1. The Shortest History of Feminism: The Course Introduction / Zaharijevic and Loncarevic
  2. The Impact of 19th Century Feminism on the Second Wave Feminism / Ivana Pantelic
  3. Anarchist feminism / Vanda Perovic
  4. Marxist and Socialist Feminism / Dasa Duhacek
  5. Politics of Identity: Radical Feminism and the Birth of the Second Wave / Adriana Zaharijevic
  6. Liberal Feminism: Limits of Feminism and/or Limits of Liberalism / Katarina Loncarevic
  7. Afro-American Feminism: Sisterhood is Powerful? / Katarina Loncarevic
  8. Lesbian Feminism: What does BeingWoman mean? / Lepa Mladjenovic
  9. Postcolonial Feminism: Women beyond East/West and South/North Divide / Adriana Zaharijevic
  10. Politics of Difference: Longing for the Impossible, still? / Jelisaveta Blagojevic



Coordinator: Dasa Duhacek

  1. Concept of Political Responsibility in the Historical Context / Dasa Duhacek
  2. Education of Women in Serbia, a Path to Elite? / Ljubinka Trgovcevic
  3. Responsibility of the Historians of Serbian Literature / Svetlana Tomic
  4. Responsibility of the Historiography for the constructing of the National Identity in Serbia / Latinka Perovic
  5. Anti-Fascism, Internationalism, Nationalism / Olivera Milosavljevic
  6. Revision of Schoolbooks in Our Education System / Dubravka Stojanovic
  7. National Time as the Framework for Self-Perception of the Citizens of RS / Sanja Petrovic
  8. Private Life in Serbia / Ana Stolic
  9. Religiousness Then and Now: The Role of Serbian Orthodox Church / Radmila Radic
  10. The Position of Woman in Real-Socialism / Vera Gudac
  11. Heroes and Victims in Common Spaces: Memorials / Olga Manojlovic-Pintar
  12. Feminism on the Left / Jelena Petrovic

Gender, Discrimination and Responsibility (Daša Duhaček i Zorica Mršević, coordinators)

Problems of Contemporary Feminism (Adriana Zaharijević and Katarina Lončarević (coordinators), Sanja Milutinović-Bojanić, Biljana Dojčinović, Milica Gudović, Vera Kurtić, Mirjana Mirosavljević, Jelena Petrović, Tijana Popivoda, Maja Solar, Lidija Vasiljević, Jelena Višnjić

Gender in Transition: The case of Serbia (Dragana Popović (coordinator), Biljana Stojković, Ivana Vitas, Tatjana Đurić Kuzmanović, Daša Duhaček, Jelisaveta Blagojević, Marija Kolin, Radmila Radić)

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