Tuesday, 16 July, 2019.

Introduction (Daša Duhaček): Why Women’s Studies?  Feminist Movement and Feminist Theory; Experiences of  the Belgrade’s Feminist Group 

Feminism, Politics and Theory (Daša Duhaček, Branka  Arsić): Radical Feminism; Lesbian Feminism; Marxism/Socialism  and Feminist Theory; Liberalism and Feminism; Descartes’  Philosophy – The Exclusion of Woman, Machiavelli’s  Concept of Women; Middle Ages, Christianity and Concepts  of Woman; Ancient Philosophy and Concepts of Woman  

Feminist Theory and Anthropology (Žarana Papić): Nature and Culture/Woman and Man; Patriarchy

Literature (Biljana Dojčinović Nešić, Jasmina Lukić): Gender and Literature; Gynocriticism; Woman’s Voice In a Man’s World

Psycholinguistics (Svenka Savić): Language and Gender 

Sociology (Marina Blagojević): Women and Education; Women, Work and Career; Fertility and Parentships; Politics of Natality 

Women and Science (Anđelka Milić): Women, Science and Technology; Feminist Theory and Epistemology

Women and Law (Zorica Mršević): Women Perpretrators; Women Judges; Women Lawyers; Women Convicts

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