Tuesday, 16 July, 2019.


Coordinators: Katarina Loncarevic and Adriana Zaharijevic

  1. The Shortest History of Feminism: The Course Introduction / Zaharijevic and Loncarevic
  2. The Impact of 19th Century Feminism on the Second Wave Feminism / Ivana Pantelic
  3. Anarchist feminism / Vanda Perovic
  4. Marxist and Socialist Feminism / Dasa Duhacek
  5. Politics of Identity: Radical Feminism and the Birth of the Second Wave / Adriana Zaharijevic
  6. Liberal Feminism: Limits of Feminism and/or Limits of Liberalism / Katarina Loncarevic
  7. Afro-American Feminism: Sisterhood is Powerful? / Katarina Loncarevic
  8. Lesbian Feminism: What does BeingWoman mean? / Lepa Mladjenovic
  9. Postcolonial Feminism: Women beyond East/West and South/North Divide / Adriana Zaharijevic
  10. Politics of Difference: Longing for the Impossible, still? / Jelisaveta Blagojevic



Coordinator: Dasa Duhacek

  1. Concept of Political Responsibility in the Historical Context / Dasa Duhacek
  2. Education of Women in Serbia, a Path to Elite? / Ljubinka Trgovcevic
  3. Responsibility of the Historians of Serbian Literature / Svetlana Tomic
  4. Responsibility of the Historiography for the constructing of the National Identity in Serbia / Latinka Perovic
  5. Anti-Fascism, Internationalism, Nationalism / Olivera Milosavljevic
  6. Revision of Schoolbooks in Our Education System / Dubravka Stojanovic
  7. National Time as the Framework for Self-Perception of the Citizens of RS / Sanja Petrovic
  8. Private Life in Serbia / Ana Stolic
  9. Religiousness Then and Now: The Role of Serbian Orthodox Church / Radmila Radic
  10. The Position of Woman in Real-Socialism / Vera Gudac
  11. Heroes and Victims in Common Spaces: Memorials / Olga Manojlovic-Pintar
  12. Feminism on the Left / Jelena Petrovic
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