Coordinators: Katarina Lončarević and Adriana Zaharijević

  1. The Shortest History of Feminism (Katarina Lončarević and Adriana Zaharijević)
  2. Equality, Virtue and Education: the 18th Century and the French Revolution (Katarina Lončarević)
  3. American Women of the First Wave: The Right of a Slave/The Right of a Woman (Adriana Zaharijević)
  4. Political Rights for Women: History of the British Suffragist Movement (Ivana Pantelić)
  5. Struggle for Women’s Rights in Serbia in the 19th and 20th Century (Ivana Pantelić)
  6. Feminism and Marxism: Gender and Class - Friends and Foes (Nađa Bobičić)
  7. Afro-American Feminism: Sisterhood Is Powerful? (Katarina Lončarević)
  8. Postcolonial Feminism: Women Beyond the East/West and North/South Divide (Adriana Zaharijević)
  9. Lesbian Feminism: Speech and Turning Silence into Action (Dragoslava Barzut)
  10. Feminism and Queer Theory (Jovana Timotijević)

(Joint project between the Centre for Women's Studies and BeFem: the Feminist Cultural Centre)

Coordinator: Jelena Višnjić

  1. Woman as the Other: Representational Practices in the Media Discourse of Contemporary Serbia (Jelena Višnjić)
  2. Gender and Media Culture (Jelisaveta Blagojević)
  3. Mir, mir, mir, Nobody is Queer! – Representation of Non-Heterosexual Practices in Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav Film (Olga Dimitrijević)
  4. Media Reports on Minority Identities: the Case of Serbia (Dragana Vučković)
  5. CINDERELLA RUINED MY LIFE: Production of Patriarchy in Animated Movies (Milica Batričević and Nemanja Marinović)
  6. Television, Representation, and Gender (Dubravka Đurić)
  7. Reality TV, Critical Reading, and Media Literacy (Marijana Matović)
  8. Blood, Tears, and Sweat of Women in Country Music: (Pop) Culture and Representation (Magda Janjić and Jovana Gligorijević)
  9. Miss representation: Women in Public (Media) Space (Tamara Skrozza)
  10. International Politics, the Media and Human / Women's / LGBT Rights (Dušica Ristivojević)